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         Do you remember how much fun we used to have playing with make-up and hairstyles?  Gosh, when I was wee, I used to sneak my mom’s lipstick into the bathroom and create a grown up version of me, of course I looked like a clown.  But once high school hit remember devouring every issue of Seventeen magazine for make-up tips and new hairstyle ideas.  Oh, the hours we spent designing our looks, readying ourselves for the day David Cassidy would knock on our canva-insertsdoor.  We’d save all our babysitting money to buy:
  • Heaven Scent in order to smell divine
  • Maybeline’s Blooming  Colors so our eyes would rival Farah’s
  • Cornsilk powder for that fresh corn fed look like Susan Dey
  • and of course everything Yardley.

Did you know that for most of us, we are reliving those days – sort of.

      According to a study by Escentual.com, women from 55-64 spend a disproportionate amount of money on cosmetics and face cremes.   We are the rising economic force in the world and how are we spending our hard won dollars? Just like we did when we in high school, on cosmetics – designing our looks. Only instead of trying to look oh, so much older and sophisticated,  you and I are  trying to look oh, so much younger and a little less jaded.
  •        The problem?  

Make-up and cremes are made for 20 somethings.  Until this generation, no attention had been spent on developing cosmetics or strategies for women like us.  It just seems like, now when we pick up fashion mags  looking for make-up tips, 12 year old models are staring back at us from the ads.   Figuring our how to modify those looks for a face who is not 12, or 20, or 30  or …older… falls flat more often than not.

          racoon In my experience women fall into two categories; those who wear make-up and those who don’t. As we age those two categories are morphing into the grotesque or the invisible.   It is always a shock when I look at a photo of myself, it’s so different from how I see myself in the mirror.   My eyes play tricks on me and I think I look gorgeous, when in fact my fashionable smokey eyes make me look like a drunken raccoon, or my understated kabukinatural look can make me look like a character in Kabuki.
        The rules of make-up for us have changed way beyond the most current fashion magazines articles.  Oh sure, there is the occasional article about make-up for the older woman, but those older women are often beautiful younger women in their late 30’s or early 40’s.  Yes, there is Jay-Lo who looks great at 47; she should. She spends upward of $25,000 a month just for her skin care.
        You read that right $25,000. A month.  Skin care.  $25,000.  A month.
        That’s $300,000 dollars a year on skin care.
        I don’t know what you’d do with an extra $300,000, but I’ll bet very little would be spent just on skin care.
        Since no one is going to extend our make-up budget to six digits, we need help.
  • The  Solution

       When I turned to the internet for help, after much searching I ran across the youtube channel Hot and Flashy. Described as  “Style, makeup, hair, & health for women in their hot-flash years!” the host, Angie, professionally produces chapter after chapter of really intelligent make-up and skin care guidance.   She produces information for the high end products and well as the drug store lines.  In fact, to my surprise, when she tested long wear lipsticks from high end to drugstore, she concluded the the best product came from a drugstore (Wet ‘n Wild Mega Last- I love mine).angie_hot_and_flashy-e1376076466112

           When it was time to admit that my eyes are hooded, her channel gave me the know how to look fabu. But wait– she does several different podcasts about hooded eyes for different looks.
       Don’t waste your time taking advise from people who think of us as a  potentially profitable niche or from other women who do this has a hobby.  Go for professional information by and from one of us.  From lipsticks to skin cream and foundation tips, Angie’s channel is the best out there.
      Oh and by the way, I don’t know about you, but the more I watch, the more fun I’m having designing new looks again.  It’s all become a step on my adventure.
     And I’ll be prepared when Sam Elliot knocks on my door.
     What are you doing to keep yourself looking just fabulous.
As always,


  1. Pat Brady Fleischer says:

    Good info. I will look for Hot and Flashy on YouTube.

    1. admin says:

      She is so much fun. I love her drugstore values.

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