There is a Fountain of Youth!

        Are you afraid of getting older and being alive?

       Here’s a fun fact for us – our bodies’ exist in two modes, growth or decay.  During the first part walker-weakof our lives growth leads and during the second part, it’s decay.   Okay, not such a fun fact, it’s the stuff of our night mares.
       However here’s the really, really, good news, it’s recently been proven that “70 percent of aging is in our own hands”…”You can be roughly the same woman or man you were at forty-five or fifty until you are eighty of beyond” ( Younger Next Year, by Chris Crowley and Henry Lodge).   We don’t have to sail the oceans to discover the fountain of youth,  it’s right here!  When I first discovered this I said “SIGN ME UP”.   What pill do I take?  What ever it is, it’ll be worth the price. What medical procedure?  Which of the myriad of health drinks should I drink?
       Here’s the great news— this fountain of youth is FREE.
       Here’s the really, really bad news— Jack LaLanne was right;
       *the fountain of youth iswalker-jack-lalanne … Aerobic EXERCISE.
       Here’s the good news, the exercise doesn’t have to be  insane.  You won’t have to spend hours and hours in a gym; just 45 to 60 minutes at day at 65% of your heart rate.  As a matter of fact if walker-vs-bikeyou spend longer than an hour a day, you won’t get any more significant cellular benefits.
      *Imagine, 45 minutes a day at only 65% of your heart rate will (not could or might- but will) get rid of 70% of ALL age related disease.
       THAT’S HUGE.  I’m not  making this stuff up either. The meta-data (that’s a compilation of all the data from all the research) proves that exercise actually protects against aging and according to recent studies has profound anti-aging effects at a cellular level.
        *Here’s the inconvenient news– you need to exercise at least 6 days a week for the rest of your life. 
       It’s only inconvenient as opposed to bad news because you don’t have to do the aerobic exercise in one fell swoop, you walker-stickscan do it in 10-12 minute blocks throughout a day.  I’m serious, to get the anti-aging benefits you don’t have to don workout clothes and sweat to all heaven.  You only need 65% of you maximum heart-rate.  So a brisk walk from the back of the parking lot before and after work, at lunch, a zoom from one side of the mall to the other , three times a day is all you need.  See just inconvenient- maybe.
       *Here’s the amazing news— if you do this, most of your fears about aging will be erased. 
       Based on my survey a couple of weeks ago, the top fears about aging are pain and illness but exercise can diminish or even eliminate much of both.  Aerobic exercise has been proven to reduce the rate of strokes, breast cancer, heart incidents, arthritic pain, and on and on.
       So, you probably want to stop reading now.  You’d rather buy a pill or have an operation than exercise 6 days a week.  In fact there is a new supplement on the market that’s making medical journal type news because it’s preventing and healing heart disease.  This supplement is a new big deal.  It costs $70 for a 30 day supply.   It has only three main ingredients.  However, those three  ingredients produce the same stimuli that exercise induces for free.   Go ahead, write me and I’ll tell you the name of this amazing. breakthrough supplement.  It’ll help your heart as much as exercise but it won’t give you the other effects- like smaller waistline, fewer wrinkles, betterwalker-time thought process.  Time magazine’s “The Exercise Cure” edition quotes Claude Bouchard, director of the human genomic laboratory at Pennington Biomedical Research center in Louisiana explaining that,  “There is no pill that comes close to what exercise can do, and if there was one, it would be extremely expensive”
        Wait. What?
        *Exercise is going to help my brain too?
       Oh crap, is there no way out? And it doesn’t just help your brain a little… aerobic exercise alone will make you 10% more cognitively efficient.   You’ll remember what the name of the animal that meows  and how to spell it again.
        *Exercise also balances and mitigates hormonal imbalances, which means it eases the symptoms of menopause.  It really, really does.
        What’s that you’re muttering?  This information is all well and good but you ache and hurt too much?   Exercise  even reduces inflammation.  Study after study proves that people with arthritis who exercise  drop their pain killing medication to using only a minimal fraction and even switch to OTC (from pain killers down to Tylenol).  Yes, it’s going to be more uncomfortable in the beginning, but significant pain reduction happens in only two weeks.  That’s fourteen days until you are feeling better, for good.
          And if that weren’t enough, and you’d think it would be, *exercise soothes and can erase depression.
        Regular exercise removes the need for most anti depression and/or anti anxiety medication by getting walkers-vs-exerciserid of depression and anxiety.  ” Duke University studied people suffering from depression for 4 months and found that 60% of those who exercised for 30 minutes, 3 times a week overcame” depression and anxiety without medication (Transformation, Bill Phillips) That stat is about the same as those who are successful with medication.
       Okay, if you’re not convinced yet here’s the big thing for us over 50 set-
*Exercise makes our skin look better!  
       It provides more oxygen and nutrients do our skin and if we keep it up consistent aerobic exercise not only stops capillaries from disappearing but develops new ones. Just a personal anecdote here- I’m not  nearly using as much wrinkle cream and my skin looks better!!!!!
All of this is just from doing long, slow, consistent aerobic exercise and don’t get me started on what will happen when we to interval training or add some form of strength training to our days. The benefits increase logorythmically.
*For everyday we don’t exercise for 45 – 60 minutes, using only 60% of our hear rate, we are rotting.
That’s a sobering thought.  Even more sobering is that the statement isn’t hyperbole.  It’s just simple fact.
ernestineSo here’s the question…. Are you afraid of getting older and  still living? or Do you want to really keep living as you get older?  What’s keeping you from consistent aerobic exercise.
From the treadmill,


  1. Jacqui Odell says:

    Just another reason to exercise everyday. Thanks for sharing!

  2. nancy says:

    Love all the info! Thank you for sharing 🙂

  3. Mona Andrei says:

    You are my new best friend. Signed, your new best friend. Truly. I’ll be back. Promise. Hugs, M.

    1. admin says:

      BFF’s– and don’t let those step 4 voices lie to you.

  4. Kimberly says:

    I love it when I see older people being active and still doing things that they’ve always done. Wish my Grandma did but instead she just sits in bed all day long watching tv and reading.

    1. admin says:

      At 60, I don’t feel older. The problem is getting my outsides to match the youthful feeling inside.

  5. Jessica H says:

    I have never enjoyed working out and find myself giving up a lot of the time. But this gave me some motivation to start back up again!

    1. admin says:

      I’ve never enjoyed it either, but I hate the aches and pains more. I hate midlife bulge more. It’s been worth the effort.

  6. Beth, are you sure you haven’t been talking with my husband! This post sounds like something he’d write! It’s so true, there’s just no magic pill.

  7. I need to add 2 more days and another 1/2 hour each day to my routine. Yikes!

    1. Beth says:

      I know. I know. Time is so precious and jammed packed. However, once I got used to making me and my health a priority I craved the 45 minutes of exercise.

      Thank you for stopping by,

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