A Skin Care Challenge

What skin care product could you not live without?

One of the things we didn’t think about or expect when we moved to the mountain is how significant the lack of  ” personal luxury” care would be.  There are no med-spas, nowhere to get a quick mani-pedi,  no spots for facials or massages.  Well, I shouldn’t say that there aren’t any, there are high, high-end spas meant for tourists.  These aren’t there for repeat customers; they are for the vacationer who wants a one-time ultra-luxury experience, not for the average Beth looking to build a relationship and a routine.

Also, there are no department stores, the closest is a two-hour drive in any and all directions. I have K-marts, Walmarts and drugstores nearby for product.  Gone are the days of running into Nordstroms for skin-care creams or calling an aesthetician for advice.  And boy do I need advice.

To add insult to injury, UPS doesn’t deliver to us, we are too far out of the way – I didn’t know that was possible.  That means if I order product it has to come to me via US Mail or Fed Ex.  That leaves most products out.

I came to anti-aging skin care late in the game.  I’ve always had good skin that needed the minimum.  However, a few years ago, when my older girlfriend was mistaken for my daughter (ooh – the pain), I thought that I should start paying some serious attention to this ageing thing.

I didn’t think that I had become so spoiled, however, I’d grown used to being able to get facials, massages, pedicures, reflexology, and anti-aging skin treatments at the drop of a hat. There were so many venues and choices, and I had grown so used to stopping by on an as needed basis, that I never thought to check out options available here on the mountain.  However here I am with no options.

There is also a dearth of doctors up here – which is a very serious problem for basic health care, but for this post topic, it’s a major irritant as there is no one to prescribe Retinol.

And so there I was, on the mountain without access to the anti-aging skin care I had begun to rely on.  Not one to give up, I took this as a challenge. I began to research and research and research – it was just me, Google search, YouTube, time and experiments.  I’ve been able to put together a routine that is rapidly showing benefits.  People are asking what I’m doing to make my skin so nice. The fine lines and wrinkles are diminishing!  AND, it’s ultra affordable.


Skin-care begins with clean skin.

I’ve jumped on the microcellular water bandwagon.   It’s the only available stuff that takes off makeup, especially waterproof, easily.  A test between Bioderme, Simply, and Garnier   versions proved a marginal difference in quality but a big difference in price.  Garnier works best for me, it’s really affordable, and I can get it at Walmart.

I like the feeling and touch of deep, moisturised clean so at night, so after I’ve removed the makeup I wash my face with a DIY combination that not only thoroughly cleanses but leaves my skin soft. I’ve posted about this recipe before but in case you missed it check out Jenni Rain Cloud’s, Primally Inspired post. Additionally, this cleaning may boost the efficacy of any serum I might use.

In the morning, I  just splash my face with the coldest water that I can stand in order to wash off the night.  I do this before my morning hike to give my skin a chance to breathe in the mountain air unencumbered.


I discovered Timeless Vitamin-C serum.  It tested positive against the higher end products and is recommended almost across the board as an exceptional product. Check out Angie’s review.   I love it. After just the first week, my skin boasted more color and tone.

After applying the serum comes a moisturiser.  As drugstore products go I’ve read that  Olay Regenerist is sort of a gold standard, but after trying several different options, I was led to Rite-Aid’s 3 in 1 face creme.  Don’t laugh at me, because it’s really working.

I do this morning and night, except for Sunday.

On Sunday I’m getting my face used to my Retinol replacement – Differin.  Differin is a topical Vitamin A gel that was originally a prescription treatment. for acne.   However, it has shown to have the same/similar benefits as prescription Retinol and is now over the counter at my local drugstore.  Like Retinol, my skin needs to adjust slowly to it, so, for now, I’m using it once a week with a schedule to gradually increase.  Like Retinol, full benefit won’t be evident for 6-12 months.


I loved getting facials.  I loved the clean polished look of professional exfoliation but, since discovering this DIY treatment I’m no longer yearning for either.  Twice weekly I’m doing this and my face radiates. I got this recipe from Jenifer Jenkin’s VLOG although there are a lot of other YouTubers advocating it.

Combine equal parts of baking soda and coconut oil, add just a touch of milk to  make a paste.   Slather the mixture on and let it dry – about 10 minutes.  Moisten and massage it off.  Voila’  That’s it.

This little facial scrub is rivalling any microdermabrasion treatment I’ve ever had – and I’m not overstating.


I hate my crepey old skin on my arms but thought that there was very little I could do about it, until I discovered Alpha, with 10% Glycolic AHA.  I saw multiple product tests on YouTube and thought that I’d give it a try.  To check out one of the tests, check out this episode of HotandFlashy.

I was putting it on one side of my body to experiment/compare. I thought I’d check after 6 months.  After two weeks the difference was big enough that I just gave in and started using it on both sides of my body.

My mother was a wise and elegant woman.  She taught me that there is a solution to every problem and not to trust price- trust quality.

What would skin care products you take to a mountain top?

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  1. Beth, I’m definitely going to try some of these things. Why throw money away, right?

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