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How to Turn a Terrible Year into Gold

This was the year that almost did me in. 2017 was characterized by challenges, failure, and misery.  My husband and I, individually and together, have felt like Sisyphus — waging successful assaults on the  problems of the month only to discover a new challenge that pushes us back down the hill, just  to start over again.  These weren’t little challenges; …

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Isn’t Intermittent Fasting How Our Mothers Ate?

There is a new weight loss trend.  It’s all over YouTube.  There are volumes of instructionals everywhere.  It’s called intermittent fasting. Here’s how is works:  fast for 12 – 16 hours then eat wisely for the remainder of the day. The videos explain how to come out of your daily fast with –  a nutrient dense wholesome meal,  how to …

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A Skin Care Challenge

What skin care product could you not live without? One of the things we didn’t think about or expect when we moved to the mountain is how significant the lack of  ” personal luxury” care would be.  There are no med-spas, nowhere to get a quick mani-pedi,  no spots for facials or massages.  Well, I shouldn’t say that there aren’t …

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Why I Believe

I am a late bloomer in the world of Christian Faith.  I stayed away from it because it seemed so exclusive rather than inclusive.  Hard-liners on both the right and the left whose cost of a seat was based on my political views hardened my heart.  Proselytisers who knocked on my door and doomed me to eternal suffering for being different …

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