Question: What do Odysseus, Medea, Daniel, Ellen Ripley, and Me All Have in Common?

Answer:  We all are  Heroes on an Epic Journey.

Yup, I  include myself.

I am my own Hero.

I am on an Epic Journey and it’s called the Third Act.

The Third Act is the new term for what used to be called the Golden Years.- a time of life of slowing down and simmering into a gray future.

But we aren’t slowing down now.  There is just too much life ahead. At no time in the history have women lived so long and so healthily  after menopause.

This is new.  We are paving the way for our daughters and granddaughters.

I feel a new thrill   I feel a call to adventure.

In earlier years I could define myself by my job.  I thought of myself as a high school teacher or a military wife.   I was defined by what I did or was doing or who my family was.

But now, now when I believed that my life would narrow, I am a magnificent, deeply layered woman. I am as complicated as my life.

I  am in my 60’s, a wife,  a retired teacher, a student, a stepmom, a grandmom, a sister, an aunt,  friend,  reader, hiker, brain geek,  survivor,  entrepreneur,  traveler, a lover, a giver, taker. have a messy history, have a loving back story, and am  pulled together and a mess at the same time.

Most of all I am a woman of Faith.

Every great hero needed something supernatural to lean on and to guide them.  As I step out in to this great journey, I am depending on something large and powerful show me the way.  I rely on God, the Bible, and the majesty of nature.

Oh, I also, rely on Retin-A.  Let’s get real.

I don’t know what I’m doing, but I’m doing it and it’s big.  Please join me as we figure this last Act together.

As always,