Let’s be honest, the phrases, The Golden Years and The Autumn of Your Life, don’t comfort – they strike terror.  Images of little old ladies, invisible to the rest of the world, sitting alone waiting. Nothing golden in this autumn.maxresdefault-1
It doesn’t have to be that way.  In high school we planned for the next big transition with tests, counseling and endless talks with friends.   We planned for our careers— starting jobs, advancement, and change in jobs for further advancement.  Think of all the books and counsel we got during the child raising years.   We spend years talking to financial advisers, planning for our retirement.

My point?  At every big transition we’ve spent hours, days, weeks, years planning and yet we are supposed to just move into our Golden Years with grace and wisdom; floating through knowing how to settle into grace.  As you know by now, we don’t know how to age any more than we did when we moved out of puberty.  This time though we don’t have parents, guidance counselors, OG/GYNs, or financial advisers.

So here’s what I’m offering— learning how to plan and then implementing the plan.  Let’s face it we have got a lot of years left – don’t waste them.

I’m a teacher.  I’ve taught successfully high school kids in the inner city and helped them transition to big lives.  I’m a special-ed teacher who’s taught smart but emotionally disturbed high school kids and helped them transition to a bigger life.  I’m an ex-Vietnam War protester who is a wife to an active military and now retired Air Force Captain. I learned how to be a military wife and support my husband, family and other wives late.   I’ve survived kidney cancer, a benign brain  tumor, have had two knee replacements, my right eye was removed and have a rebuilt shoulder. But, I am healthier and more active now than at almost any time in my life.

My point?    I know how to plan, teach planning and move from zero to success.

I’ve got friends, lots of friends, of all ages, who have only one thing in common – they are 10-8dextraordinary women who have survived the slings and arrows of life and thrive, no matter what.

My point? Planning doesn’t happen in a vacuum, we need other people, other women to guide us and cheer us on.


Join me.  Become us.


Plan and create the adventure of your life—– Life after 50.

Your Friend,