Not pleasure.
Not being happy.
Not being orgasmic.
Not contemplative or peaceful.

But down to you toes, full on, indescribable, bubbling JOY.

Like the baby in the manger, room needs to be made for it.

Time cut out in your life to let joy in.

Listen to you favorite heart pumping music – loud.

Dance like no one is looking.

Smell a newborn.

Hug someone for no reason.

Embarrass your teenager in the grocery store.

Laugh till you pee.

You know what gives you those moments of fun, gratitude, love, and life all wrapped into one.

Do it now.
 Make time for joy now.

Don’t cheat yourself.

Why are you cheating yourself?

This is what the third week of advent is all about.
This is our gift, to feel it without reservation or guilt.

Just a moment of joy lasts a long time.

You deserve it.
 He was born to give it.
He died for us to keep it.
Stop shopping, baking, wrapping, cleaning, working and –

Go get it.

As Always,


Oh, and what is one thing you can do to feel Joy today?


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  1. Mona Andrei

    Smell a newborn. Oh it’s been so long since I’ve breathed in the joy of a newborn! Although I have to admit, I do embarrass my teenagers in public on a regular basis. Now they just roll their eyes 🙂

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