How to Exercise During the Winter


The problem:

For me the corollary to the Game of Thrones’ warning that the Winter is coming, is that the Summer is on its way  and it is just as scary.  That means unless I do something, the torture of sleeveless shirts and shorts is just around the corner.

The problem:

I know that 45 minutes of reasonable exercise is the key to the fountain of youth but it’s February.  It’s cold.  It’s grey.

The problem:

There have been 30 inches of snow here on the mountain.  Now as it’s beginning to melt during the day and freeze during the night, there is ice mud instead of a road.  Walking just hasn’t been and still isn’t possible – even for the tripawd.

The problem:

My energy is low and my desire for cookie dough ice cream is high. Just an aside,  cookie dough ice cream is the perfect stress food; ice cream, chocolate, and carbohydratey dough. I have the February blahs and want to stay in whenever I can, watch Netflix, read my favorite books, write, and not look for a solution.

The solution:

The home version of  a Jon Snow:  Leslie Sansone


Isn’t she like that fitness guru from like a hundred years ago?  Well, not a hundred, but a while ago and yes that’s her.

Didn’t she promote… in home walking?  Yes, and I want to resurrect her.

February/March malaise is a real thing.  So is post-holiday-spread.  And  remember –


My life feels too packed for the gym and my spirits too “meh” for an in-home fitness routine.  Besides, my body just won’t do what the 21 Day Fitness and other Beachbody DVD’s want me to do.  I want to wine more, but here’s-

The science.

In her book, Move Your DNA: Restore Your Health Through Natural Movement,  Katy Bowman says that “Walking is a superfood. It’s the defining movement of a human.”  


If you are put off by the current 10,000 steps a day, when just walking to the refrigerator seems like a marathon, don’t fear.  Dr Carol Ewing Garber, president of the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM), notes that fitness-walking guidelines of 10,000 steps per day may be too much for many.

The 10,000 step a day prescription is dubious, having been developed by a Japanese pedometer company in the ’60’s.  Ten thousand steps a day is a good thing, sure, but the Center for Disease Controls recommends between 7,000 and 8,000 as necessary for adequate coronary health. That seems more doable right now.. but how?

I discovered Leslie Sansone DVD’s last year when the early bad winter weather curtailed my walking/hiking here up on the mountain. I was almost embarrassed to try her out but I needed to move more.  I popped in her video and tried the shortest one– before you knew it I had walked a mile in my home and had fun.  Over the next weeks, I graduated to the three mile walks in my bedroom.   Then I began to pop her in and press mute while I was on the phone. By the end of a call, voila’, 2000 extra steps in my day. And it seemed almost effortless.

There is something about her presence that feels familiar, as though my neighbor stopped by.  I’m not feeling as though a super fit person is telling me that something is easy when it’s not.  I’m just walking, not fancy dance moves, but moves there are; side steps, kicks,  and stretches.  Gentle moves for sure but enough effort to get and keep my heart-rate at the golden 65%.

Her simple fitness DVD’s have been a solution all winter  and will continue to be through the February blues & blahs.

A word about fitness trackers.  I don’t like FitBits.  I am too attached to phone calls, home, and email as it is.  I like UP by Jawbone because it’s just a fitness tracker.  Sure it’s got an awesome app that connects with my phone, like FitBit’s, but without the extra information. Just exercise, sleep, and other Up friends.  The UPs 3 and 4 have gotten terrible reviews but the UP2 is solid in its performance.  It comes in many bracelet styles/colors, it’s really affordable right now, and I can walk/exercise without being attached to the phone and the internet. It gives accurate information, style, and the privacy I want if and when I want it.

Don’t let the weather and malaise keep you in your chair.  Don’t let superfit DVD’s keep you there either.

 Try Lesilie Sanson.  You won’t regret it.

As Always,




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