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Oh my aching muscles, or joints, or both.   It’s part of the deal – the growing older or getting in shape or doing  both deal.  And I won’t mention morning stiffness because a) just thinking about it makes me hurt all over again and b) just thinking about it makes me feel old.


In an effort to conquer those aches and twinges I’ve spent time in the drugstore aisles looking for a solution.  I have to admit too, that while I was in the drugstore aisle looking for a solution I felt old and embarrassed.   I am, after all too young to be here, thought I.  I was ready to answer any who asked, that I was there for an aging friend (because of course people ask perfect strangers in drugstores all the time “why are you in this aisle?”) anyway, back to the aisle.   It’s lined with ointments, unguents, rubs and wraps that ice or heat.  They often leave that telltale odor that I’m afraid just screams, “sore old person here”.   I would happily put up that if they worked, but they don’t.  Sure my muscle or joint is iced or heated, and that’s enough to distract me from the ouch, but really it’s just distraction not relief. And don’t get me started on the chemicals that my skin/body is absorbing for the pleasure of the distraction.


There are a few things about me that I should fess up to right now; 1) I’m cheap.  I don’t get pleasure spending money for flash.  If it doesn’t work, I won’t buy it.   2) I love research.  3) I’m stubborn as all get out.  Put these things together and I search and research for hours, days and well, as long as it takes, to find solutions.  I wanted a topical, healthy, sure thing solution.  After searching, followed by experimenting I found one – Magnesium Body Butter/Lotion from Wellness Mama.


Katie, the Wellness Mama, lauded this recipe as a sure thing.  I love most of her ideas and have never found anything on the site that disappointed so I thought I’d give it a whirl.


After I’d made it and it had set, I slathered it on and … nothing.  It didn’t smell, which was a good thing, but it didn’t ice or heat either.  No tingles.  No prickles.   Nothing.   Oh well.  Then 20 minutes later  I noticed, nothing,   No ache.  No pain.  Nothing.   Could it have been the result of the smell-less, ice-less, heat-less cream? I experimented the next day on an ache and 20 minutes later no ache.   It just seemed too simple.  Too gentle.  Too subtle.   It took a while for my mind to believe that this odorless, tingle-less, gentle cream worked.  And it worked EVERY TIME.


I began to make it for friends.  They reported the same experience.  The put it on, felt nothing and forgot about it until they realized sometime later that they felt nothing.  Their aches were gone, gently, subtly without notice.   At first they didn’t connect the cream with the relief.  It’s as if our brains have become hard wired to only expect relief with some sort of physical fanfare.  However, after the connect is made, they came back looking for more cream.



magnesium butter


So without further chatter here, direct from her wonderful website, is the Wellness Mama recipe for this miracle:

Magnesium Body Butter Recipe DIY


I’ve posted before about how to make your own magnesium oil, and I’ve seen posts on other blogs on how to make magnesium lotion. For summer, I wanted to figure out a recipe for a magnesium infused body butter that would also double as a mild sunscreen/tanning cream and I’m finally happy with the result. (Not sure why you’d add magnesium to lotion? This article talks about the benefits of magnesium)


This recipe uses all natural moisturizing ingredients and makes skin soft and silky. It is great for kids too and doesn’t have the tingling that regular magnesium oil has when you first start using it.


Magnesium Body Butter doesn’t have any preservatives, so I make in smaller batches and keep for up to two months without a problem. It can also be stored in the fridge for a thicker and cooling lotion that is great to use after sun exposure to help the body absorb Vitamin D.


Coconut oil and shea butter are both naturally SPF of 4-5 and magnesium is needed for absorption of Vitamin D, so this lotion is great for mild sun exposure. I use this or regular magnesium oil on my kids feet each night to help them sleep and boost magnesium levels. It is also great on sore muscles. You can add essential oils for scent, but be careful about essential oil use during pregnancy, and don’t use citrus oils if you’ll be using this in the sun as they increase sun sensitivity.


Magnesium Body Butter Ingredients:


1/2 cup magnesium flakes + 3 Tablespoons boiling water or 1/2 cup pre-made magnesium oil

1/4 cup unrefined coconut oil

2 Tablespoons emulsifying wax (Can also use beeswax, but it becomes more difficult to mix)

3 Tablespoons Shea Butter

What to Do:


Pour 3 tablespoons of boiling water in to the magnesium flakes in a small container and stir until it dissolves. This will create a thick liquid. Set aside to cool.

In a quart size mason jar inside a small pan with 1 inch of water, combine the coconut oil, emulsifying wax and shea butter and turn on medium heat.

When melted, remove the jar from the pan and let the mixture cool until room temp and slightly opaque. At this point, put in to a medium bowl or into a blender.

If in a bowl, use a hand blender or immersion blender on medium speed and start blending the oil mixture.

Slowly (starting with a drop at a time) add the dissolved magnesium mixture to the oil mixture while continuing blending until all of the magnesium mix is added and it is well-mixed.

Put in the fridge for 15 minutes and re-blend to get body butter consistency.

Store in fridge for a cooling lotion (best consistency) or at room temp for up to two months.”


Once you’ve tried this get back to me and let us know how it worked for you.

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