#1 Tip to Get Rid of the Mid-Life Pooch

I wish that I had just an abdominal pooch but what I’ve had since menopause is a Saint Bernard.   Muffin top, schmuffin top its a cake.  It squishes and bounces.  Despite weight loss and exercise routines, my bowl full of jelly belly might have gotten smaller but it never left.

Then it happened, I started stumbling.  One of my new knees needed a physical therapy tune up. Stick with me, this is about my core.     Anyway, my physical therapist, who was Torquemada in a previous life, was making me walk tall.  In order to do this correctly, she taught me a silly little trick that is flattening my tummy.

Here’s the tip, walk as though you’ve just zipped up your tightest pair of jeans.

That’s it.

That action has done more to tighten my tummy than all the sets of exercises and all the minutes spent planking.  I have been whisked back to a time long ago and far away when I remember Charlton Heston talking about his fitness routine on Merv Griffin.  He said that he never worked his stomach. He didn’t have to because of this trick.  Such a simple old fashioned little trick with such outstanding results that even the movie Moses did it.

You see in order to walk as though you’ve just zipped, my lower abs need to be taught indefinitely and my hips tucked under.   My back doesn’t collapse onto my hips (the question mark posture of the older woman), my shoulders straighten, and I am moving with purpose.  My whole core is working and strengthening.

Just from this one tip.

As my core strengthens naturally, I’m able to do different and more difficult ab routines, that are finally shaping my center. Additionally, my balance is sure again, like when I was younger and,  and ….Kegels are easier…so even sex might even get better.
What’s your trick to get rid of the “pooch”?
Standing taller,


  1. Leah Vidal says:

    The dreaded pooch! I’ve heard of this tip before, but always seem to forget to do it. Thanks for the reminder.

    1. Beth says:

      I forget it because it is both so easy and so hard.

  2. I definitely have the pooch and tripped in the last couple years. I like your suggestion of standing up straight. Posture makes such a difference for health in so many ways. Other than that, not making so many trips to the fridge helps. Easier said than done, though.

    1. Beth says:

      Yes, trips to the fridge or for me the breadbox are dangerous and widening. Once I have that under control though correct posture really helped. Thanks for stopping by.

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