Do You Want Something More Out of Your Life?

It’s a beautiful  morning. The birds are singing.  Baby Bunnies danced across the path of my walk.   My dog pranced and smiled at my return. My husband made me coffee.  What could be wrong?

Something is.

Remember the scene in The Fellowship of the Ring when they are in the mines and Gandolph reads  a warning about the “drums in the deep”.  Then there is the single pound of a distant drum.   Then another. Then another.

That’s what’s happening.  I feel a warning drumbeat in the distance.  Deep down I know that while I am amazingly fortunate, I want “something more”.

 I know what my “more” is and I bet you do to.  

For most of us our “more” isn’t  going to destroy our lives.  It isn’t running away to Paris with a 20 something, dumb body builder? – although?.  No, no, that’s not really what I want.  For most of us our more is eminently doable, for example;

Becoming more healthy and maybe losing some weightErnestine Shepherd didn’t start until she was 58 and she is now the oldest living competing female body builder.

Having a personal PlayStation to play video games with your grands. Don’t sneer. This is a great way to remain current and develop a special relationship with your grandkids.  There are also so many other benefits.  We can do it, check out 4 Ways Video Gaming Benefits Older Adults.

Backpacking into the Appalachian trail, Grandmas Gatewood did without any hiking experience at 67.

Feeling sexy again. Have you watched The Book Club? If not watch it.

Oh, the list of  our “mores” are as long and as varied as we are.

But we don’t, won’t go after it.

There are a million excuses why we don’t.  I use the ” time”  excuse all the time. I’m too busy- I don’t have the time. I don’t know how I’d squeeze the time to do it into my day.

Or my other favorite excuse is – It’s silly.  I have a good life so it’s silly that I’d like to – fill in the blank- here.

Or, how about failure?  I’ve tried to loose weight so many times before that I’d I’ll just fail again. Or, I’m too old.  Really? Are we? Check out any of my Bad Ass Women blogs.

All of my excuses are really fear.  In truth whatever I’m afraid of is a lot like suffering from Anatidaephobia. Anatidaephobia  is the fear that somewhere in the world a duck is watching you.   Listen I’m sorry if you have Anatidaephobia, but it is a really dumb fear.   And so is my fear of going after my “more”, whatever that fear or excuse maybe.

We just need to make the decision to try to take the risk of having our more. Just make the decision then the rest will present it self.

Even if somewhere in the world a duck is staring at me.

As Always,



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  1. Margaret says:

    Thank you for the post. It is definitely time to get rid of the excuses and go for our more… even if there is a duck is watching 🙂

    1. Beth says:

      Thank you and yes it is….Quack

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