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Are You Beautiful?

While doing research for a piece on body image I ran across this brief video.   Two entrances, one headed “Beautiful” and the other headed “Average”.  Women had to choose one or the other to get into a building.

I was rapt as I watched it the first time, the second time and the third.

As engaged as I was, the video also kicked up a lot of feelings.  My reaction was more visceral than that of the youth in the “Lady or the Tiger”.  I hope that I would have walked through the door marked “Beautiful” but I probably would have walked away rather than be forced to choose.

Why wouldn’t I choose being beautiful- aren’t I?  Why not?    Just asking that question on a public site gives me chills.

What’s wrong with us that we struggle to see our own beauty?

Which would you choose?

Let me know by taking this one question survey, leaving a comment, or both.

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  1. I surely wouldn’t choose average. Depending on the mood I was in, the signs might tick me off and I’d not go thru either door. Saw your post at the GRAND Social No. 246. Shared on social media.

  2. After watching this and feeling emotional, I wish all women would walk through the beautiful door. If you believe in your inner beauty, in your soul, you will do better in your life.

  3. You know, I thought of myself smiling when I took the survey, and answered “beautiful”. But, if I had been in the position of choosing a door, I probably would have turned away, like the one woman in the video did. We all should go through the beautiful door. We are all beautiful under the skin. I wish we could all believe that.

  4. Thought-provoking stuff. So sad to see those beautiful women doubting themselves. I’m glad the end was more uplifting. Still not sure which door I would have gone through – before seeing this, it would definitely have been the ‘average’ door, but after reflection, I hope I would chose the ‘beautiful’ door if I was presented with it now. Thank you for posting. xxx


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