5 Simple Ways to Share Joy

I’m going to get right to it.

This week is about experiencing joy and sharing it.
Or, in case you just aren’t feeling it, sharing the joy and then experiencing it.

Don’t Grimch out.  Don’t waste a moment saying to yourself that you don’t have time, because this is the reason we celebrate.

I’ll say this  because it’s soo important – Joy and sharing joy is the reason that we are so miserable.

Wait, no, that came out wrong.

Joy and being able to share that joy is reason we celebrate Christmas.

We have taken the act of rejoicing at this time of year and ramped it up until we are doing more and more and so much that rejoicing may not  be so fun any more.  It fact so much rejoicing can be just plain miserable.

Giving a gift in order to mimic the love given so freely to each of us has spiraled into a shopping extravaganza that starts in August and can put us into debt.

The excitement of the coming of  miracle and wanting to share that excitement has turned into an almost frenetic period of parties and rushing.

Here we are rounding third plate heading toward home, and maybe we are tired.  Maybe we have forgotten what the season is all about.

How to we find the joy in this season?


I promise these ways won’t take more time out of your cramped schedule. I promise that you will get more than the effort it takes.


  1. Take a moment, look into your cashier’s eyes and with a smile and say “Merry Christmas”.  Taking a just second to really wish happiness to a woe-be-gone over worked store employee is really cool.  Just  wait and watch for the smile back, even if their holiday is not Christmas, just the sincere wish will mean so much. It also helps to add a sincere “thank you”.
  2. Leave a big tip and don’t make a big deal out of it.  When you are finished with your rushed meal at I-Hop, the local diner, or whatever fast food spot, just leave a huge tip.  These servers have been on their feet for hours, serving Scrooges.  What a gift it is to be able to express your gratitude with a little extra on the table.
  3. Write a special note to one of your older relatives.  Let me tell you  a secret, getting older is lonely.  As we age those weekly calls from the grandchildren mean sooo much.   As we age, a quiet intentional conversation with our adult  children is a time that we will relive for years.  A written note will be prized and reread over and over. You don’t have to write a lot.  I know you already are doing a mountain of cards, so just jot a note with a good memory of them let them that you are thinking of them. Let them know they aren’t forgotten or worse no longer matter.
  4. Compliment your spouse often.  For that matter compliment everyone all week.  Studies show that we all have more positive experiences that negative, but that the negative live longer in our hearts.  This week, text, email, Facebook nice things to people.  After Christmas we can go back to  correcting everyone but this week find something nice to say to someone everyday.
  5. Stop off at a thrift store or a Goodwill shopping store and give the cashier some money for the next person(s) in line.  I know some of us do something similar at Starbucks or Dunkin’ Donuts but rather than buy coffee for someone who can already afford it, how about something for someone who might be having a hard time making their miracle happen.


There you have it.  Five simple quick ways to spend a little joy and make you feel good too

As always,




  1. Darlene

    Getting older is very lonely. Its iron that society tends to cast people aside as they get older, and that’s just time time that they need interaction and socialization most! The best gift to give to aging parents and aging relatives really is the gift of your time and attention. The thrive on it. Great tip!

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